The Cello Heart Man

I walked away from an in home concert on Friday night with the vibration of notes lingering in my body. That visceral experience is still with me. Daniel Sperry, a professional cellist with a unique musical resume has jumped ship and is traveling in uncharted territories as a musician. Playing both his own music and classical pieces, interweaving poetry of Mary Oliver, Robert Bly, Pablo Neruda and connecting with his audience through complete openness, Daniel deftly creates a music experience deeply integrated in the body and senses.

No genre or category can contain his work. It is a spiritual, artistic, emotional physical dance that treats the audience as a necessary partner. Without us listening and participating in this exchange the performance would be captivating but not near as exciting.

For those that think cello music is beautiful, but are reluctant to devote an evening with this focus are missing an opportunity to have an intimate encounter with art. Daniel’s interpretation and recitation of poetry extends the music. His rhythmic cadence combined with a one of a kind inflection adds an element of sophistication and balance to the cello.

What an evening….

Check out his website and book an in house concert! One logistical note: Daniel admits that his website event calendar may not always be current so call or email him.


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